Cheesy, cringy, or whatever you called it. Here I’ve prepared a list of funniest (at least i think) jokes for provolone!

Due to the pronunciation differences between British [prow·vuh·low·nee], American [prow·vuh·lown], also the local accent/dialect of the other countries, some of the jokes here may not sound appealing to you.

Worse, you might not even get it.

But hey, relax, read it a few more times and you will understand.

  1. Mom asked, “The last slice of cheese is in the fridge for a week?”, and i said, “No, a month, and it is provolonely” (provolone + lonely)
  2. New GoPro’s company tagline: GoPro, be a hero…alone, GoPro-volone.
  3. Mom bought home a sharp provolone, it slipped out and fell to the ground. I shouted: “Be careful, it’s sharp!”
  4. Hi my real name is ProVolone, and “pro” in Italian known as “large”. Morning, i was called ProVolone; Rest of the time, i will be called Volone. (morning wood, or morning erection in male)
  5. What do you called cheese that’s antisocial? Prov-olone (alone).
  6. I was reading a news paper in an Italian restaurant, the chef kept asking me provolone or antipasto, oh bother!
  7. “What do you pair best with?”. Provolone: “Hell no” (alone)
  8. What’s the best food for a divorced homie? “Eyo, want some Brovolone?” (bro + alone)
  9. We know the pros of cheese, what are the cons? Pro-volone stood up, “I don’t have any!”
  10. Guess who’s the loneliest film actor in the world? Jim Povolo, “What”
  11. What cheese has a personal legal assistant? Provolone. (As in Proof-of-lawNY in British pronunciation; LawNY a non-profit firm, also Legal Assistance of Western New York.
  12. I would rather be forever Provolone! (alone with cheese)
  13. What do you called a single person from Provo, Utah? Provolone.
  14. A man just assaulted me with provolone, how dairy!
  15. What do you called a lonely cheese? Provolonely.

Which one caught you?

Share you thoughts in the comment section below, and I dare you to challenge me with your better one 🙂

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